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Just as a follow up to Alan’s original post, as a Nc39 owner which was built in 1994.

My sails were made by Peter Saunders who is based in Lymington and purchased just after I bought her in 2010. The original North Sails from 1994 were not too good.

My main is a fully batten sail in the Vektran material and has three reefing points.

The Genoa is sized at 135%, again in Veltran material on a Furlex 300S roller reefing system.

For heavier weather I also carry a 90% jib again in Vektran material.

For light winds there is a Cruising Chute which a previous owner had purchased from Diamond Sails. Not used.

I have spoken to another Nc39 owner who has a 150% Genoa and in mast reefing on the Main sail. So as with most Nauticat yachts there are quite a few differences between the same model.

My experience during the last three years is that my main sail is very powerful and I have not had problems putting in or taking out reefs while sailing. The genoa is also very flexible either fully unrolled or with a few rolls in heavier weather. Not used the jib sail or the cruising chute!!

The 4JH2-E Yanmar at 50hp is excellent.

Paul Evans
Nc39 #021, Schuss of Beaulieu