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Re: Oil, Varnish or Woodstain

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Hi, I have a 331 and when she was 2 years old started using Semco an American product marketed in the UK by Onward Trading near the Hamble river. I have been using it for ten years and I recommend it. It’s easy to apply you can do the whole boat including deck in a day easily. It’s the closest to real looking untreated new teak as you can possibly get. It has good UV inhibiters. My boat has been in Portugal for the last nine years and I still get comments like “is it a new boat” or “have you had the teak renewed” there are a lot of people using it in the UK and shouldn’t be difficult for you to find someone who is using it. My only regret is that I didn’t start using it from new!!! If your teak has gone grey you will have to clean it with the Semco cleaner which is a messy job but usual only needs doing once. Regards Paul