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Re: Oil, Varnish or Woodstain

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Regarding handrail, roofrail etc…, I am using Desk Olje D1 and D2. The finish with D2 is good, as long as you respect closely the instructions for application of D1 and D2, the first time you use these products.  

If you do it well the first time, yearly maintenance is not difficult nor time consuming.
Now I have myself a question regarding masts and booms : the ones of my boat are made of wood and varnished. I am obviously looking forward to avoiding frequent visits up the masts. So far, with 12 layers of italian monocomponent polyurethane varnish  Stoppanni (the brand used for the Riva’s), I managed to minimize maintenance for 5 years. Now I must do it all again (dismasting, getting to bare masts, 12 layers of varnish etc…). Can someone make me a recommendation regarding a brand/typre of varnish (bicomponent polyurethane) ? Does anybody have an advice about Coelan ?

Thank you in advance,