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Re: Engine seacock location – NC33

Yachting Home Forums Engine seacock location – NC33 Re: Engine seacock location – NC33

John Crump

Not sure what you hatch configuaration (ours is a 78 hull no. 570) is but we had the same problem. We just swapped the hatches port to starboard – still a pain but half the pain now. We have thought about putting an electrical servo on but haven’t got round to it yet.

The soundproofing in ours wasn’t particularly well encapsulated and it was (in the absence of a technical descriptio) a yellow crumbly fibeglass type of insulation. We removed it all and changed it to Halyard soundproofing. See photo of old “stuff”. We renewed it when we changed the engine mounts, rebuilt the engine and fitted an Aquadrive in the prop shaft.