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Re: Cutless Bearing 331


I have twice had the cutlass bearing replaced on our 321, but I was never aware of any noise made by it.

The first time I did it on a precautionary basis because there was a bit
of play evident in the bearing when inspected on the hard.

The second time was two years later because the bearing started coming apart – the inner rubber separated from the bronze tube.

Both times the work was done by professionals, in my case Yachting Sports at Hamble Point who commission new Nauticats.

I do most of my own maintenance but replacing the bearing is not for the faint hearted in my view.

I believe YS removed the prop. However rather than then disconnecting
the prop shaft from the coupler/gearbox and removing it, professionals
have a tool they put on the shaft and then drive the old bearing out of
the P bracket using a hammer and brute force. My bracket has one grub
screw which they removed. Then they drive the new bearing in on the
reverse basis.

Bearing are readily available from marine suppliers. I bought the second
one myself from Aquafax. You just need to know the prop diameter and
the bearing length. They come in a range of standard sizes. There are
now composite ones available as well as brass.


A.S.A.P. Supplies are another supplier –


Finally se the posting under Boat Jumble and Crew about 331 bearing.