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Hi Piers
Yes I had that dilemma about sailing ability versus space. Because of what the boat will be used for, which is basically a sailing observation platform for coastal research and monitoring of sea kelp, dolphins, whales and fishing boats etc. with the overarching project of promoting and helping to monitor Marine Protected Areas. (We only have 1 to 2% protected here, the EU recommendation is for at least 30%, so a lot of work ahead :-))

I actually really like the layout of the 43, with that little snug opposite the galley and the possibility of the extra small cabin aft. When I thought about bringing out scientists and photographers etc the extra space in the 44 pilothouse seemed to make more sense. In the cold wet days on the West coast of Ireland that shelter, whilst still having a good view will be appreciated especially by those not accustomed to sailing, haha!

I really appreciate your offer of showing me your boat. If this one in Greece falls through I might take you up on that, seeing as I have not sat in one yet.

Much appreciated