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Yves Devillers

Relating to alternator belt that suits my NC 33 Mk 2 # 488 (77-78) the previous owner advertised me to have “standby spare” belts in place.
Prior to selling I had a mecanic install a Motaquip VBF252 as a spare
Previous owner notes advocated Misuboshi REL 13×1120
Aboard was one “Motaquip VBF252” as a spare and also one “Roflex A45 13×1143 (50)”
Full description for Motaquip is “VBF 252 12,5 x 1125 M”
Full description for Mitshobishi might be 13 x 1120 A”
Full description of Roflex is “A 45 13X1143 50”

Those references should suit for a normal Ford 2712 with standard mouting and actually they also suit my new mounting (see below)

Personnal dimension onboard my MkII # 484
Two years latter, while replacing a dead alternator I broke the screw that attaches the “belt tensioner” to the engine (see picture). I had to install that screw to another empty place little more up and a little more toward the middle of the engine, roughly 3-4 cm from the original one and I also had to remanufacture a “belt tensioner”. Thus my measurement are slightly modified (though Motaquip and Roflex are still almost OK with the new belt tensioner)

For my non stanadard mouting, a “Gates 6475MC” (AVX13 X 1125 La) will not be long enough. a “Gates 1277MC” (AVX13 X 1175 La) is perfect

I had to learn that the dimension of a belt (external circumference) depends upon the shape of its section (so called “trapezoidal”), depends upon the external outside width of the belt (13 cm, though 12,5 seems OK and 12,85 mm was the value of one of my operational one). I noticed that they break every 5 years (500 to 600 hours)
I came to the conclusion that the value ot the circumference lies between 1125 and 1190 and I found no other way than trying …
And also that the tensioning must be sufficient that twisting (in order to inspect the inside side of the belt) the installed belt by 180° is barely feasible though feasible.

Hope it helps.
Feel free to further contact me.
Yves (Naïla of Burnham, NC33 Mk II # 484 1977-1978)