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In order to add new spare belts waiting for the operational one to dismantle/explode (a very poor design by Ford) I had to remove to water tank under which is located the calorstat.I took some notes and annotated some pictures (in french langage, vase-expansion_5991.jpg) that may be of help.
– water tank (where one add water+glycol) is located on the front end of the motor (almost under the steering wheel on an NC33), picture is vase-expansion_5991, calorstat is right in the middle, with two long screws adjacent to it
– tank is held by two long screws (“tiges de fixation du vase d’expansion”) around the calorstat location, one has to remove those.
– tank is held on the port side by two nutts , just remove the most accessible one (see vase-expansion_20210707, “écrou à déposer”)
– there is a black 43 mm rubber pipe under the tank that connects to a steel pipe that runs in front of the water pompe (see “Moteur Av Refroissement”, item marked “durit du circuit d’eau douce”)
– from my experience it is safer to disconnect the bottom serflex necklace (the one closer to the steel pipe) than the two ones just under the tank (détails in 20210919_204554). When reinstalling the whole thing you will just have to succeed inserting the 43 x 80 mm black rubber pipe bazck into the steel pipe. Dismantling the rubber pipe form the top turns into a nightmare to reinstall. Details in 20210919_204554
– you may have to dismantle the transparent exit pipe on the port side (so called “tricot eau de mer” on my global picture
vase-expansion_5991, it best to avoid that.
– you may have to unscrew the ‘serflex necklace’ on the small black rubber pipe that connects (incoming seawater) to the starboard side of the oil radiator (labelled “arrivée EdM dans l’échangeur” in “Moteur Av Refroidissement_0512”)
– Then just lift the whole soft water tank to access the calorstat. Rinse and clean it and its bedding, test it (it not not be bad), install a new paper gasket (not critical ?), reinstall the whole thing and test for leaks.
– I found myself having to use some lever or rope to move the steel pipe upward into to 43mm black rubber pipe connected to the tank. No other difficulties found. The entire process took me 1 to two hours, but I did it three times (ventilator belts are awkward)

Apologies for this too long and cumbersome message.

Yves (Naila of Burnham, NC33 # 488)