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Yves Devillers

I eventually succeeded getting rid of those condensation water stains below the windows (see my post in 2016).
I applied a lot of water colouring (teak colour) to gradually remove those stains (a lot roughly being equal to 6 layers, each day) and almost got rid ot those.
No sanding, no chemical used, just teak water coulouring over stains and wipping around undamaged varnish with alcool (varnish alcool).

I still have one place where very ample condensation totally ruined the varnish, I’ll cope with that latter, no idea how yet.
I am very cautious not to remove existing varnish down to bare wood.

By the way, the teak water coulour comes from “Les frères Nordin” in Paris but I suspect any good quality colour will fit.

I haven’t yet found a substitue for Cetol I bought untill 2012 (3 satin deep coloured, 1 glossy) to apply on superstructures outside. Any idea ?