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Andrew Bell

I used the CQR anchor that came with my 331 for a couple of seasons, but after several minor scares when the anchor dragged, I decided to change it. I chose a 20kg Spade S Series galvanised anchor after offering up a cardboard cutout template to see how it would fit the bowsprit fitting (drawing available from the Spade website; print onto A4 sheets, stick together, cut out the shapes and transfer to cardboard). It goes out and comes in fine as long as one is reasonably careful. My wife is always at the bow to guide it if necessary. The original bracket that secured the CQR in place on passage does not work with the Spade so I removed it from the deck fitting and now tie the Spade down with some line, which works fine. I did make a mock up of a Rocna Vulcan, but it is very different in shape to the Spade and did not fit as well. I also concluded that nothing with a hoop (like the standard Rocna) would be compatible with the 331’s bowsprit. I hope this helps. Andrew Bell.