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David Babsky

Our Nauticat came with a CQR, of course, but although it caught easily on rocky bottoms, or plenty of weed, it wouldn’t seat easily – or at all! – on simple sand ..e.g; outside Ramsgate or Dunkirk.

Having read plenty, watched videos and tried various different anchors, I settled on a Rocna: sets perfectly, and INSTANTLY (whereas the CQR just rolled and slid on sand.

I can’t remember if it’s a 15 kg or a fraction more, but it’s great! There was some discussions several years ago about manufacture having switched to China – from New Zealand – and that the shaft [wrong word, but can’t remember the right word!] some (with inferior Chinese steel?) might sometimes bend or kink under severe strain. Rocna’s UK distributors then guaranteed that if any Rocna did, then it would immediately be replaced with one which was confirmed to have ‘proper’ grade steel throughout.

We’ve never had an trouble whatever, and are very satisfied with it: perfect catch every time, with no slipping, sliding or rolling instead of biting in!

– David.