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No thoughts on an arch. A little out of budget for us right now. I have seen a few people build small frames off their aft rails using stainless to support individual flexi panels mounted on some backing like 6mm ply.

Not sure if you have davits on your N33?

Next two weeks I am going to create a lightweight but reinforced plywood shelf for on top of our davits. In theory should be able to mount 2-3 flexi panels.

Plan is to use some stainless pipe clamps with 8mm threaded bolts sticking out of them and map those to four points in the ply and bolt the ply to the davits with the bolts.

In theory I can create something that can be taken down/dismounted if we really wanted to without too much bother. In practice I’ll have to see how my DIY skills work out over the next week. Will post the outcome.

If you’re happy to sacrifice the opening on your coach roof. Though I assume that’s quite nice to have in the med…