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Lyndon Craig

Hi, Graham and Mandy,
Congratulations, a great decision to get a Nauticat 42 they are great cruising boats.
I am a Nauticat 42 owner, living in Paignton close to the water,and have sailed this area extensively for some years in and out of Dartmouth.
I read with interest your obvious enthusiasm to “get going to Pwllheli”….but for what it’s worth to you, this is my view.
Your boat is new to you and I am not aware of your experience but the journey you are planning is not for the feint hearted at this time of year.
The winds are almost always SW or WSW, along this coast to Lands End ….in short…on the nose all the way, believe me it’s hard work, unless you have a good competent crew to help, the tides are a governing factor all along this coastline and the days are short,and when you get around Lands End into the Irish Sea it’s not a great place to sail in the winter ….to say the least.

Why not sail in and out of Ipswich for the winter….get to know your boat..they are forgiving and very enjoyable boats to sail….I sail mine alone at all times, and am not a young man…..then when the weather is better next year take two to three weeks for the journey…stopping along the way at some of the best places in the U.K. to visit along the coastline…I can assure you the wait will be worth it, that’s what these beautiful boats are all about…and you won’t need a big crew.
If you have to go now, you have a great boat, but from experience I suggest the best you would average along the south coast would be no more than 5 probably a maximum of 50 miles a day…daylight hours…that’s two weeks to Pwllheli,also bear in mind that at present most marinas and chandlers are subject to the lock down rules,and any help you may need would be restricted.
The one thing I can assure you of…when you get to know her….you’ll always have a smile when you sail her.
Best wishes.
Lyndon Craig….ps. That’s my Nauticat 42 in the website photo.