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Reply To: Keel depth

David Babsky

I believe the ‘deeper keel’ N33 was introduced in 1982, but this chart from Nauticat themselves ( in liquidation..) shows that the ’82 version has a depth of 1.65 metres (5’5″). Those were / are the N33 Mark II version, I believe.

Early Nauticats (1966 onwards) had a glass fibre hull but a wooden top, later ones (1978 onwards) had the original glass fibre hull, plus a glass fibre top too, and there are various layouts WITH built-in moulded seats on the after deck, some WITHOUT, and all sorts of different layouts down below (some with a centre companionway down to the saloon, some with an offset companionway and a larger chart-table to the side of it).

Here’s Nauticat Yachts’ own chart of the different models and different years: