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Hello Alasdair,

I own Miss Nauti, a NC331 built in 2001 and have decided to replace the standing rigging as I have no record that it has been replaced since build. I too have been advised that 10 years is the recommended life of standing rigging. Whilst the rigging may look sound, fatigue is an insidious problem and even if the boat is sitting alongside, the rigging is constantly loaded with wind loads etc. So for peace of mind, I am going ahead this winter: My cost estimates are:

316 1 x 19 SS wire rigging: £1687
Labour: £360
Mast Lift and Replace Crane Charge: £528

This is at Portland Marina. Not cheap by I prefer to know my boat is properly seaworthy in the mast/rigging department.

It will be interested to hear what you are quoted.

All the best

Bill Fernie
Miss Nauti