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Piers Covill

Hi Trevor

Whats the name of your boat and where do you keep her? Would be great to meet up.

I have an NC 43 and have taken the shaft out. On mine, there is a 32mm nut on a thread on the tapered shaft inside the coupling. Once disconnected from the gearbox, I have to slide the shaft as far back as possible, and then remove the nut and then fit on a puller to pull the clamp off the taper. The prop has to be removed. Whether the shaft will slide past your rudder is marginal. With mine, I had to loosen the P bracket to get enough clearance and even then it required a couple of strong people to pull the shaft sideways to slide past the rudder.
There are two cutlass bearings: one in in the P bracket and one in the stern tube. The stern tube one was hard to remove and I got a piece of tube and hammered it out from the inside but it was hard work..

As to the puller – I bought one from ebay which fitted OK and wasn’t too expensive, but the issue is the clearance between the gearbox and how far back you can slide the shaft backwards, but it is doable. I do have pullers – I am in Andover and boat in Portsmouth

Good luck and give me a shout with any questions.

Best wishes

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