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Reply To: Rigging tension

David Babsky

The rigging tension – I can’t remember it offhand, and am not on the boat right now – should be in the boat’s overall NC33 manual, as far as I remember.

The easiest way to check the tension is with a Rigging Tension Gauge (..PBO did a feature on these here: ) and they’re available from chandleries, e.g: ..and I bought a very simple American one several years ago ..I think it’s this one: (..there are slightly different gauges for different thicknesses of rigging wire; check yours before buying).

They’re extremely simple to use; just hook the rigging wire through a notch in the gauge, then PULL on a simple piece of string and read off the tension on the printed scale.

Dunno about the fairleads ..if the screws just spin round without tightening, then EITHER the nut has dropped off the other end of the bolt (if it’s a bolt, and not a screw), or – if it really IS a screw – then the screw’s lost its grip on the wood which it’s screwed into, and I suggest pulling out the screw to see if the wood’s rotten, or if the wood’s OK but the screw’s hole is too wide, then just pack the screw hole with extra wood, re-insert the screw and tighten to a good, strong grip.