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Shop around I guess – but just a couple of points about my current search for an insurer for my newly acquired 33 Mk 2 :

I am carrying over from my previous boat insurer and trying to continue to use GJW. So far so good but bear in mind that they will require a SURVEY and a VALUATION (probably an industry standard). As I don’t have a survey that is less than 10 years old I have had to have a new one completed. For insurance purposes the boat cannot be launched until this is done. This is now done and co-incidentally the completed Survey report was given to me today. So the next aspect is to review the recommendations and then determine to what extent you will have to achieve the corrective actions for the recommendations enclosed in the Survey (unless you have a perfect boat there are always recommendations !!!). So its a question of walking this through with the insurance company to their satisfaction. Good luck, Andy