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Naila is moored in La Rochelle and I often sail her to Marans that I love (I am known to be a bit strange)

Marans has certainly been very active in the 19th century when it was a major shipping port for wheat produced in the vincinity. Nowadays it’s an extremely calm small town, the only busy part being a major road that crosses the town, full of dirt.
There is little industry with “Marechal Masts” being there

Of course you’ll find shops, restaurant, one super market, one movie theater and physicists and drugs stores, I am not sure for a shipshandler though I suspect there is one, I entirely rely on La Rochelle for that issue. Is there mecanics ?

The port itself is few Miles aways from the ocean separated by a river (La Sèvre Niortaise), a moving bridge and a canal. One must enter the river two hours before high tidde or leave Marans one hour before high tide (but pilot guides have the final word). The bridge opens at every high tide provided it’s not night.

As you can suspect the port is very calm in term of waves and traffic. It is equiped with catways and pier. Pier is very inexpensive, catways are a little bit more dear.
The sanitary romm has been rebuild two years ago, very neat now.
The capitainerie is very welcoming, their people are very active.

Most people on bord their boat on a yearly basis are attracted here by the very low mooring prices. They bring some life, usually very nice people refurbishing or finishing their boat before the “grand départ”

The city is not far from La Rochelle, 10 to 20 km I suspect.
I don’t know much about transportation as I only use my NC33 to go there. There is a railways station on the line from Bordeaux – La Rochelle and Nantes, I don’t know if trains stop here.
There are probably buses from La Rochelle railway station
A nice place to leave a boat and to enjoy quietness

I’definitely recommend that place though maybe not a long staying place for yougnsters.

Please come back to me if you feel for more informations.

Yves (Naïla of Burnham, NC33 1978)