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Thanks to all, I didn’t get the email notifications, I must check my settings.

Cayley marina said they charged 10.2 metres for an N33. Premier Eastbourne would charge 10 metres for an N32.

Peter, I believe that figure of 37 feet is correct for a Mk 2, which is why ask in the first place.

Trevor, the Mk 1 N33 has a wooden top which can be expensive and it is not quite as plush down below. Later models 321, 331 351 are quite a bit more expensive to buy.

Sorry Alister, you could change to a folding swim platform. It is the problem with the length which made me look at an N35, it can’t be more than 37 feet overall. If you are going to pay for it it would be nice to have the hull length.

At the end of the day it will come down to what feels right at the time and a small difference in mooring costs will have to be accepted.