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John Crump


My previous boat was TACKLEWAY – a 1972 33. It had had the deck entirely replaced in the 1990s. Beneath the teak cladding lies a plywood deck which I understand was NOT marine ply. The plywood is supported by wooden cross frames and, I think, wooden longitudinals that run down the inside of the fibre glass hull. Water penetrates the teak around the screws and then rots the ply and perhaps the frames as well. I sold the boat in 2016 to a man who lives and keeps the boat at Cowes, IW. Unfortunately he is not yet a member of the NA (but I intend to approach him about that in the new year!) He has a set of photographs recording the work involved in replacing the deck and deck structure. The work was done by a previous owner who was a joiner / carpenter by trade. The latter told me that it took “2 years of his life”. He replaced the rotten beams and then the deck, this time with a thicker marine ply. Then the deck was sheathed with glass-fibre before being re-clad with 4 mm teak strips – which by 2013 had worn through in places!
I am afraid that I cannot advise details of the current owner of TACKLEWAY without his permission (and I have no e-mail address) but when I contact him in the new year I will ask for his permission to inform you.
I am afraid that this will be rather depressing news for you – but is of course a worst case scenario.
John Crump (South Coast Secretary and Membership Secretary from February 2018)