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I have a 1981 NC33 which appears to have been supplied part complete from stilata to a yard in Holland. Boat was completed in 1995 to Nauticat Drawings which are still on board. Previous owner bought boat in Holland and survey showed deck sag at mast step 8mm as measured by surveyor. Boat bought subject to reduction negotiated by surveyor and sailed to UK. New owner took boat to FOX’s Ipswich and asked for quote for this problem together with other issues. They (Fox’s) de rigged boat and cut exploratory hole in mast step to assess whether any de lamination had occurred. The grp was fine but the toilet bulkhead together with associated timberwork was inadequate for the job.As you will be aware when sailing hard particularly on the wind the forces are predominately compression. Fox’s said they had encountered this problem before and they re glassed the timber work and fitted a mast support against the bulkhead from the mast base to the Keel. I t is fabricated from 80mm dia St. St. tube with a plate welded each end in 10mm thick St. St. ( all 316 Polished etc.) I am on holiday in Florida at present and all details are at home in Dublin as is the boat. I return in early Feb and if u wish I can dig out costs and take photos etc. then. From memory the job cost in the region of £2500 inc removal and re firtting mast .My email The total repairs inclusive of osmosis and fitting of in boom feefing together with new booms and 2 speed self tailing winckes,new rigging etc was approx 16K. The original mast support as shown on the Nauticat drawings is inadequate for a boat of the nauticat weight.Particularly if it is sailed hard over a long no. of years. Its OK for motor sailing .Fox’s conclusion not mine.
cheers, David Hopkins.