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Many thanks for your reply – it is much appreciated. I hope I have not taken up to much of your time today.

Your experience sounds very familiar to my MK2.

I just suspect that my boat may be a little more ‘far gone’ than you describe and having discussed it with ‘Navigators’ at Chichester marina.

Hence I think I may have to take action pretty soon.

I am more than prepared to go fully ‘professional’ so to speak. This goes against the grain as I usually put my hand to most things on a boat.

However besides this, I feel its important to try to fully understand what has gone wrong here so I am better able to guide the professionals with repairs.

So the questions that pop up are typically -Why the depression? Is the coach roof a balsa sandwich which has rotted inside? Is the King post base support a weakness on these otherwise very strong boats?

All-in-all I think I am heading for a ‘learning ‘ experience, and I will for sure pass on my knowledge back to the forum.