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The problem is fitting a 4 cornered shade to a 3 cornered boat ! I have seen several versions and none seem to look as if they were meant to be there, that said they sure are useful when sailing in the med as we do on our N33. However, the wheelhouse is a very comfortable place to be when the sun is too much.

Please see pix of an adaptation I have made for in-harbour use. Our mizzen cover is US style, I’ve., very deep. At more than 1m wide it was already a good shade and fastened fore and aft. We adapted a Kookaburra Sailshde by attaching matching clips and fix it to the opened out mizzen cover. The pix are when we use it for the first time so you will understand a little rig tweaking is needed. The Sailshade cost me €25 and th clips €10. Good luck !

Ps, we bought our boat in NL and took it to the Med via the EU canals, marvellous trip, don’t rush it !