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Reply To: Prop Coatings

Alasdair Woodfield

Hello Brent,

Over the last 6 years I’ve tried several products, in each case with polishing as a preparation. This last August I tried Prop-O-Drev, and cannot as yet comment on it’s effectiveness.

The first thing I tried was Propspeed, lanolin base red goop. Useless, in 2012 I had occasion to lift-out after a month, treatment 98% gone, only remained at the blade roots. I then tried Seajet Peller Clean, it is a multilayer product. The propeller needs to be cleaned, & polished throughly as the first coat is an epoxy, and the air temp needs to be high. This is then coated with several coats of a sticky silicon based liquid. It looks really good once on, but sure enough when hauled out after a year, fouled propeller. Patches of the epoxy remnained and they were very difficult to remove.

So like you I look forward to the ‘magic’ product to resist the fouling.