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Reply To: Antifouling – Micron 77

Vic Crowhurst

I still believe that antifoulings work differently at different parts of the coast. I’m an East Coast sailor, and during the 1990’s to 2000, Venetcianni’s self eluding soft anti-fowling was superior to the others. On my 37, since 2006 I’ve used Blakes hard racing in white, blue and red, with no appreciable difference between the colours and not much anti-fouling effect., I used to jokingly tell the yard before haul out ” save me one of the Mermaids you wash out of the forest”. I fitted a Sonic antifoul device with 2 transducers two years ago and it has made a big reduction in the accumulation of barnacles, they only seem to grow to 0.7mm or less then die and drop off. Its expensive (10 x 2.5l expensive paint) but effective. To find out (semi-scientific) what works in your marina, take a 0.6 sq metre of varnished thin wood, paint on both sides 6 patches of favourite antifouling and suspend it in the water near or under your berth. Done now this may give some clue by April 1st what to buy, and by August what to buy next year!