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Reply To: How tighten the keel bolts at NC42?


Sergei, be very careful.
You will need information, probably from Nauticat, as to exactly what kind of bolts they are. What material, size, torque, and how they are fixed, are they Thru-bolts, cast in, tapped in from above etc…..
Your description of ‘crack’ is not clear, is it in the bedding compound between the lead and the fibreglass hull ? It may appear as a crack but might be sound but in need of re-filling. Fin keels occasionally fall off when bolts break due to unreported / checked collision damage incurred when a keel has hit an underwater object. This may have happened years before as in the old Beneteau which capsized in the Atlantic a few years ago.
This is a professional job for a boatyard, good luck.
Ned Coackley N33 521