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A few pictures to attach.

1. This is the set up on the Ford Lehman Super 90 showing the two filters, the black lift pump and the two screws on each filter top, one bleed and one holding the whole thing together.

2. Also attached as requested is a photo of the Racor fuel polishing system I put in – both work independently from either tank – we all know older Nauticat tanks are an issue

3. a bit by the way, but inspired point (2) above – I built a DIY fuel polishing system. A long pipe (which I can swish about in the diesel tank having removed the fuel level sender unit), connects to a pump which then goes through a Racor and back in through the deck fuel filler – creates a circuit and can be used to clean the fuel. Seems to work well as my primary filters are clean. All parts are sold as a kit by ASAP marine.