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Every mentioned reason for an engine to stop running is mentioned above and true but….

1.air coming in:structural and not accasionally in bad weather !
2.water in diesel:common problem but with good(ex. separ filters) wiich are doubled and in case off visual water exxess in the bowl easely changed with valve settings:problem fixed !
3.clogging filter elements with dirth and or algea (same soltion as nr 2
good practice also when you planned a trip in bad weather make Always shure both your tanks are FULL at the start,that minimises diesel stirred up en clogging and or water wich are on the bottom of your tank are mixed with the diesel

note,when you have only one filter and you have to clean it from dirt and or water ,then you must have aan handmpump installed n your circuit to fill the filter again!!i have an recipient with some diesel to fill it up,you do not want to bleed the entyre feul system from air!!!if been there …and also 2 filters,indeed after you have a problem with your engine in bad weather once you make damned sure you have two of them!!!