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Roger Sturge

Hi Nick

Most of my Neco (NC Mk2 1977)seems to be working OK – control unit proclaimed fit by Derek the ex-Neco engineer who lives at Southborne and the motor drive turns the wheel (and I assume the rudder) but I must have a problem with the compass bit of the system since I haven’t yet been able to make steer to a heading. I guess it’s a problem with the compass. I’m not certain if the gimballed flux gate compass in the forecabin is the operative instrument or there’s another compass somewhere controlling the Neco. (I am not encouraged by the fact that the repeater for the forecabin compass reads a the reciprocal of the heading.)

I hope to investigate all this when I visit Wild Cat this week, but I’d be very glad of advice and it’s possible I would be interested in the kit.

Roger Sturge (Wild Cat)